street fighting self defense

Six Seconds is All it Takes to End a Fight

A self-defense course that can save your life one day Real-life combat is completely different from what you see online or on television. In the street, a fight can begin and end in a matter of seconds. Several instances can make a difference between life and death. The secret to successful self-defense in brutal and …

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elbow strikes

How to Throw Solid Elbow Strikes

A devastating self defense strike for your safety One of the most effective self-defense moves is the elbow strike. Very powerful and causing significant injury, elbow strikes are very popular when it comes to defending yourself from your attacker. So, without a further ado, let’s see how to throw solid elbow strikes. Firstly, it’s important …

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do not punch this way

The Worst Way to Block a Punch

Self defense tips for optimal protection in a fight When you’re in a street fight, you’re bound to get a few punches thrown in. You need to be careful to avoid them as much as possible. Especially if your attacker is much bigger and larger than you. In this article, we’ll cover the worst way …

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survival book

Survival Planning for the Whole Family

Protecting your family in uncertain times There have been some challenging times in the past that makes me concerned about the future. History tends to repeat itself unfortunately. That said, are you and your loved ones prepared to survive a collapse? Here’s survival planning for the whole family. But firstly, here’s a tough question: what …

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Muay Thai Self Defense

Self Defense against Muay Thai Kicks

Key Muay Thai defense techniques every fighter must know As a student of personal protection, it’s good to know offensive skills and defense skills as well. In this article, we’ll look at self defense against Muay Thai Kicks. That said, you’ll quickly discover that a good defense is an essential part of surviving a fight. …

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girl walking alone at night

Should you Walk Alone at Night?

Important self defense principles We often hear that you shouldn’t walk alone at night. This is often said, mostly because it makes a person vulnerable to a street attack. That is a fair statement because attacks really do happen to people who walk alone at night. However, does that mean that you should never walk …

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bob dummy training for self defense

Bob Dummy, the perfect Punching Bag for Self Defense

Who needs a punching bag when you can have a Bob Dummy If you want to perfect your fighting technique, but find ordinary punching bags sorely lacking, then I’d would like to introduce you to my friend Bob! Without a doubt, Bob Dummy is the perfect punching bag for self defense. He’s going to be …

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breathing for self defense

Breathing Tips for Self Defense

Learn these breathing tips and have an edge in a fight Controlling your breathing during a fight is crucial. Getting enough oxygen so you can perform well and defend yourself is quite significant before and during an altercation. So, without a further ado, let us provide you with breathing tips for self defense. Being constantly …

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secret to win a street fight

The Secret to Win a Street Fight

A very special trick to end a fight fast In this article, we’ll share the secret way to win a street fight. These self defense tips are provided to keep you safe in case you feel threatened in the streets. First off, there are many self defense techniques you can use to win a street …

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bully victim

Self-Defense Course for Bullying

Discover how to deal with a bully In this article, we’ll look at a self-defense course for bullying. These are powerful lessons that can keep your kids and teens safe. Let’s work together as a group to end bullying once and for all! I have always believed that self-defense is about protecting other people just …

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