self defense chokehold

How to do a Chokehold for Self Defense

Discover a very effective self-defense move Chokeholds are not used frequently in street fights because they are difficult to apply. There are a lot of things moving fast during a fight. But there are times when chokeholds can be very handy. In this article, we’ll look at how to do a chokehold for self defense. …

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reality of gun defense

Self Defense Tips when Facing a Gun Attack

Be prepared to face a gun attack Gun attacks are one of the most dangerous attacks you can be in. Being faced with an attacker that has a weapon is tricky situation. So, this is why I’ll cover self defense tips when facing a gun attack. Firstly, one of the most important things to remember …

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fake martial artists

The Sad Truth of Phony Martial Art Instructors

You attacked me WRONG! Does this look familiar to you? You take a martial art class or watch a video online where a martial instructor teaches bogus self defense concepts! In this article, I’ll expose the sad truth of phony martial art instructors. Today, I’d like to share with you something funny and light-hearted for …

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Gunman self defense

How to Disarm a Weapon for Self Defense

Self defense tips when faced with someone with a gun Being faced with an attacker who has a weapon is not an ideal situation. At any moment he can decide to use it against you. In this article, we’ll look at how to disarm a weapon for self defense. Guns can turn any situation into …

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robbery self defense

Self Defense Robbery Scenario in a Convenience Store

What would you do if you were caught in a holdup situation? Something that is very common and that we hear a lot about in the news is convenience store robberies. Unfortunately, they do happen frequently and you need to be ready. So, the question is are you ready? In this article, we’ll show you …

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how to block punches

How to Block Punches for Self Defense

Discover effective ways to protect yourself from getting hit When you’re in a fight, you’re bound to get a few punches thrown at you. Being able to defend yourself from them and block the punches coming in is crucial. With that said, here’s how to block punches for self-defense. Our video on how to block …

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gun self defense tips

Important Gun Self-Defense Tips

Learn crucial gun defense principles Situations where you’re faced with an attacker who has a gun are often unpredictable. Things usually tend to happen fast and you need to be ready for anything. Here are important gun self-defense tips you can use for your personal safety. The first thing you need to do when it …

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phone theft self defense

How to Defend Yourself from a Phone Robbery

Self defense Tips against cell phone theft With all this new technology available, many people get their hands on some costly devices. This makes robbers looking to steal phones. How do they do it? Most of the time it’s with violence. In this article, we’ll look at how to defend yourself from a phone robbery. …

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ground fighting self defense tips

Ground Fighting Self Defense Tips

A versatile tool for self defense training Training with a Bob Dummy is a great way to practice your self-defense moves and work on your technique. Consequently, we’ll look at ground fighting self defense tips with a Bob Dummy. While most people use the Bob Dummy (Ad) as a training technique to practice standing up, …

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knee strikes fighting tips

Powerful Knee Strikes for Self Defense

An effective strike you need to master to inflict damage Knee strikes are quite effective when it comes to defending yourself. They can help you destabilize your opponent and even incapacitate him if well done. In this article, you’ll discover all about powerful knee strikes for self defense. That said, while knee strikes can cause …

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