Knife self defense

How to Use a Knife for Self Defense

When your Life is in Great Danger Knife attacks can take a very dangerous turn. Whether you’re the one holding the knife or your attacker, you need to be extremely cautious. This is why we’ll show you how to use a knife for self defense purposes. When you’re being attacked and you feel threatened, it’s …

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Larger Attacker Self Defense

How to Defeat a Much Larger Attacker

A Critical Component of Self Defense When learning how to defend yourself, you enter a process that carries many different components. You learn about verbal defense, awareness, footwork principles, fighting stances, improvised weapons and much more. That said, in this article, we’ll look at how to defeat a much larger attacker. It’s not rare to …

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Improvised Weapons

Self Defense Scenario with Improvised Weapons

The Importance of Using Improvised Weapons In this article, we’ll explain and demonstrate a self defense scenario with improvised weapons. A lot of self-defense situations can happen in close quarter range. Small spaces where you don’t have a lot of room to escape or defend yourself are often ideal for your attacker which is why …

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Top 10 Self Defense Misconceptions

10 Misconceptions about Self Defense

Incorrect views about self defense In this insightful article, we’ll look at 10 misconceptions about self defense. Buckle your seatbelt, because this is information you don’t want to miss. That being said, when it comes to self defense, there are several misconceptions and ideas that aren’t necessarily true. Many fighting training methods are not realistic …

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Home invasion self defense tips

Home Invasion Self Defense Tips

Self defense tips when you’re at home In this article, we’ll look at home invasion self defense tips. Home invasions, although rare, do happen. It’s one of the most terrifying scenarios that you can find yourself in since the attack is taking place inside a place you consider safe. When home invasions occur, it’s usually …

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Self defense against weapon attacks

Self Defense against Weapon Attacks

Discover an important topic of self defense In this article, we make you discover a tutorial video unlocking the ways you can protect yourself and learn self defense against weapon attacks. When people often think about weapons when it comes to attacks, they often think about knives or guns. Although these are probably the most …

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Find a training partner for self defense

Where to Find a Training Partner for Self Defense

The next level of self defense: finding a training partner Practicing what you’ve learning is a key element of gaining knowledge. One of the most common issues that people tend to have once they’ve completed their self defense training is finding training buddy. So, in this article we’ll look at where to find a training …

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self defense or not

Is this Self Defense or Not?

Now, was that really needed? In this article, we’ll see a short clip of two people arguing outside near a food vendor. We’ll then analyze the entire situation to see if this is self defense or not? We will never get tired of saying it – in most situations, fighting is unnecessary. It is a …

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Home invasion on back porch

Tips for Self Defense at Home

Learn safety tips when you’re at home One of the worst things that can happen and that most people fear is home invasion. This is probably one of the scariest types of attacks that can happen. That said, in this article I’ll share some tips for self defense at home. Your home is supposed to …

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Hand speed for self defense

How to Increase Hand Speed for Self Defense

Learn to throw a punch fast Whether you’re boxing, sparring with a training partner or even squaring off with someone in the streets, you’ll need to have quick hands. In this article, we’ll show you how to increase hand speed for self defense. Firstly, learning to punch properly is not just about hand positioning or …

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