knife attacks tips

Reality of Knife Attacks

An important article on knife defense We often see knife attacks in movies and tv shows and hear about them in the news, but until you’re in that situation, you don’t really know what to expect. Here’s a jam packed article on the reality of knife attacks. To explain to you the reality of a …

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training bands

Ultimate Resistance Band Set to Increase Strength

The importance of being strong to protect yourself Working and training with resistance bands is a great way to get moving and get stronger. As a student of self defense, it’s highly recommended to incorporate physical training into your routine. So, here’s an article on ultimate resistance band set to increase strength. We chose to …

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knife to the throat

How to Defend Yourself from the Back with a Knife to the Throat

A dangerous self-defense situation to be in Having an attacker grab you from behind and holding you with a knife to your throat is a scary situation. In this article, well cover important self defense concepts on how to defend yourself from the back with a knife to the throat. Firstly, this is one of …

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learn self defense

The Effective Way to Learn Self Defense

Proven ways to defend yourself effectively Sadly, not enough people take the time to learn how to protect themselves with their bare hands. This is especially true for women, but also true for men. Usually, the ones that come running to learn self defense are victims of crime. In this segment, we’ll look at the …

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stabbing defense tips

Knife Stabbing Self Defense Tips

Learn knife defense tips to keep you safe Sadly, knife attacks are very common. And, many people who are in these situations where their attacker has a knife, they don’t know how to defend themselves. So, in order to prepare yourself, here are knife stabbing self defense tips. That said, one important thing to remember …

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self defense strength

The Importance of Being Strong for Self-Defense

Forge a mighty body that can save your life There are proven ways you can get really strong by training a certain way just like there are ways to train to get “in shape”. In this article, well look at the importance of being strong for self-defense. Firstly, in our opinion, strength is much more …

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knife defense exercise

Knife Defense Exercise to Enhance your Safety

A powerful drill for knife defense purposes One of the worst situations you can be in during a fight is when your opponent has a knife. As soon as your attacker has a weapon, the situation takes a turn for the worst. So, here’s an effective knife defense exercise to enhance your safety. You’ll quickly …

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self defense products on amazon

15 Great Self Defense Products sold on Amazon

Self Defense products you can use to your advantage There are a lot of products you can purchase online that are related to self defense. For example, we offer complete instructional videos on self defense on our website. But today’s topic is about 15 great self defense products that are sold on Amazon. In this …

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baseball bat self defense

Why You Should React Quickly against a Baseball Attack

Do you have what it takes to face a baseball attack? Being able to react quickly is crucial in self-defense. And that is especially true when you’re facing someone wanting to beat you up with a baseball bat! So, here’s why you should react quickly against a baseball attack. I mean think about it, if …

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grabbing self defense

How to Escape a Two Arm Lapel Grab

Have you ever been by grabbed by the collar? In a street fight, there are many different positions you can be in. Some of them can be at your disadvantage while others are not that difficult to get out of. In this article, we’ll look into how to escape a two arm lapel grab. Now, …

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