How to Strike Fast

Learn How to Stun an Attacker with Super Rapid Strikes! You probably know how important it is to finish a fight quickly…But, what about the importance of striking fast? The speed in which you strike your attacker can make a huge difference between landing your strike or completely miss the target. The less telegraphic your …

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Red Panic Button Personal Alarm

A Handy Alarm for Your iPhone

In a life-threatening situation the only person you can count on one hundred percent is yourself. But it doesn’t mean that you should blindly pursue complete self-reliance when there is a good chance that other people can come to your aid. Moreover, you also need to contact emergency services, it’s their job to keep you …

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A Reliable Sparring Partner

If you don’t have a sparring buddy – don’t worry! In the same fashion as Chinese Wing Chun students make with wooden dummies (and achieve great results), you can use a piece of training equipment and your own body to ensure that your experience is no different from a real sparring session. As you must …

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