Learn self-defense against a knife attack

The Reality of a Knife Attack

Knife attacks can be extremely dangerous In this article, you’ll discover the reality of a knife attack. The damages and injuries that can surveil from a knife attack can often be life-threatening. That’s why it’s important for you to be aware of what a real knife attack can look like, so you can have the …

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man sucker punched

You Can’t Afford to Miss a Sucker Punch

Your self defense training must address this issue The first punch can make or break a street fight. Indeed, that is a serious element of self defense that needs to be addressed. In this article, you’ll see why you can’t afford to miss a sucker punch. That’s why it is important to make it effective …

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learn how to defend yourself form a chair

Best Self-Defense Techniques from a Seated Position

Defend yourself when sitting on a chair Most people spend their day in a seated position. After all, that’s most office jobs so it’s not unusual to be spending most of our days in a seated position. That said, we’ll look at the best self-defense techniques from a seated position. For some folks, it can …

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street fight

A Street Fight of Epic Proportions

A clear cut example of why you should avoid fighting multiple opponents Truly, this is one of the craziest street fights I’ve ever seen on video. In the clip, a man is chased down by multiple attackers and thrown to the ground. It’s literally a street fight of epic proportions! Although we don’t know what …

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Learn how to heighten your senses for self-defense

How to Heighten Your Senses in a Street Fight

A different element of self-defense There are many different tactics when it comes to enriching your senses during a street fight. In our video on Heighten Your Senses in a Street Altercation, we focus on the sense of sight. We believe that when it comes to fighting techniques, the sense of sight is an important …

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self defense movie

Not Many Movies Portray Violence Correctly. This One Does!

A realistic movie with an attacker and his victim I like many different styles of movies and I pay a particular attention to self defense related movies. That said, not many movies portray violence correctly. This one does however! I’m saying this because, when was the last time you didn’t have to suspend your disbelief …

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Learn how to throw an uppercut during a street fight.

How to Uppercut in a Street Fight

Effective punch for the streets Often when we look at fights on the TV or in movies, we often see uppercuts as a great self-defense technique. Indeed, this strike can be effective and that’s why we’ll show you exactly how to uppercut in a street fight. Firstly, what we often fail to realize is that …

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street fighter

Anything Can Happen in a Street Fight

Criminals in the streets do not care about rules If you are going up against a seasoned criminal in a street fight, you need to abandon all notions of “fair play” and get rid of any intention to hold back. Read on, and see how anything can happen in a street fight. Those psychological barriers …

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Lean self defense tips in a road rage situation

What to do in a Road Rage Situation

Aggressive or angry behavior exhibited by motorists Road rage is something we all experience at one time or another. We’ve almost all been guilty of it. However, there are moments when road rage can quickly escalate to another level. That said, here’s what to do in a road rage situation. When both drivers exit their …

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Don’t Be an Easy Target for Pickpockets

The art of getting robbed unnoticed Protecting yourself, means that you’re also protecting yourself from being robbed, whether it’s noticeable or not. That is to say that a 360 degree view on personal protection is also preventing theft. That said, don’t be an easy target for pickpockets. First off, self-defense is normally meant to prepare …

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