Self Defense against Muay Thai Kicks

Key Muay Thai defense techniques every fighter must know

As a student of personal protection, it’s good to know offensive skills and defense skills as well. In this article, we’ll look at self defense against Muay Thai Kicks.

That said, you’ll quickly discover that a good defense is an essential part of surviving a fight.

Our video on how to defend yourself from Muay Thai Kicks, shows you how to block and defend yourself against these types of kicks.

If by unfortunate chance you’re faced with a professional mixed martial artist, blocking a Muay Thai Kick can be challenging.

The first thing you want to do is attempt to block the kick that is coming towards you with your shins.

This technique is usually used by MMA fighters. It’s not something that is usually recommended in a self defense situation, since there’s a good chance that you can injure your leg in the process.

Intercepting an incoming Muay Thai Kick

Another great way to avoid this type of kick is to intercept it by kicking your opponents’ leg. Timing is everything in this situation as you want to be pre-emptive.

Therefore, you want to ensure that you’re kicking your opponent in the leg before he has the chance to kick you. You want to stop his momentum before he has time to launch his attack.

While you’re planning your timing, make sure to give yourself enough time to kick your attacker perfectly in the leg or hip area. Timing is going to be the most important factor in this situation.

Here’s how to defend yourself against a Muay Thai Kick:

As seen in the clip, you can also block your attacker’s kick with your hand. While it’s a great technique and can be successful, it’s not the most recommended option. That’s because it can leave you vulnerable to getting punched in the face.

The best way to block a Muay Thai Kick is to step out as you see your attacker is getting ready to kick you and strike them immediately. It will block the kick as it’s coming in and stop the momentum.

It’s easy to anticipate a kick as it’s coming in since you can see your attacker getting in position. Therefore, you need to really be aware of your attacker and step it to block the kick as it comes in.

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