Selective Hearing for Self-Defense

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We’ve mentioned time and time about the importance of being aware and alert during a fight. That said, here are selective hearing tips for self-defense.

Firstly, this means that you should have your hearing on in full range. Our self-defense selective hearing drill, demonstrates the importance of being aware and hearing what people around you are saying.

Pay attention to what is said before and during a fight

For example, if you’re in the middle of a fight with your opponent and you hear someone telling your opponent to stab you, well then it gives you an indication that he has a weapon on him.

While it can be complicated to listening what people around you are saying, and fighting at the same time, it’s crucial.

We get it. Most of your focus is on the fight. You want to be alert of your opponent and focused on him. However, you also need to be fully aware of what people around you are saying.

They could be yelling that help is on the way, or that more people are coming and you will be outnumbered, or even what they plan to do with you.

All of these awareness factors are important because it keeps you alert and in the loop. You need to be prepared for whatever scenario is coming next.

By being alert of what the conversations are around you, it gives you an idea of what your next move will be and how you can escape the situation.

Always keep fighting until the threat is over

Obviously, the goal is to finish the fight as quickly as possible. So, you want to be alert in all areas.

To see how you can further develop and heighten your hearing, check out this video:

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