Real Knife Attack Scenario and How to Defend Yourself

How to defend yourself in a real knife attack

Attacks with knives are often unpredictable and quick to happen. In many situations, you don’t even see them coming.

That is to say, they often charge at you right away and you have no chance to prepare yourself or get away.

Having a knowledge of basic skills on how to defend yourself against a knife attack is crucial and can come in handy if ever you’re in a situation where you need to protect yourself against one.

That said, if your attacker is taller then you, it doesn’t pay to your advantage since they have a much bigger reach.

Adding a knife to their reach makes the attack play that much more into their favor. Which is why you want to make sure to keep a safe distance between you and your attacker.

Effectiveness of low kicks for knife defense

Use your legs to distract your opponent by throwing in some kicks. This will have them think towards the lower part of their body and the arm holding the knife will lose focus.

Throwing in low line kicks will have your opponent thinking low and from there, you can surprise them by striking up high.

Ultimately, if you manage to strike them hard enough, this can make the difference between disarming your opponent from the weapon and having them take control of the fight.

Do all you can to finish the threat quickly

An important factor to consider is that the time you want to actually spend fighting your opponent.

In most scenarios, when you see someone coming at you with a knife, your first instinct is how can you get out of there as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The longer you stay fighting the person, the more chances you have of getting injured.

Therefore, you need to think quick. Keep a distance. Use your legs to kick and have them thinking low.

As soon as they do, catch them off guard and strike hard. If it’s hard enough to slow them down, use that opportunity to get out of there as quickly as possible.

To sum up, watch the video tutorial on how to defend yourself against a real knife attack.

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