Not Knowing How to Verbally Defuse a Dangerous Situation, is the Difference Between you Coming Home Safe or Leaving in an Ambulance.

Unless it's an outright ambush, an attacker will try to engage verbally before striking at you. Make no mistake – the fight is already happening, it's just not in the active stage!

This is the part where the attacker will try to find a pretext for beating you up – or threaten you to prevent any resistance. And this is where you have a chance of talking your way out of the altercation.

If you know what to do, your chances to walk away unharmed are high. Verbal defense is much more effective than people realise, and that's why it's so important to learn how to use it.

With verbal de-fusion, there are two goals. You want to either avoid the fight altogether, or create a good moment to strike pre-emptively. In this video, you will see strategies in action that will help you do both.

In this video, you will learn the proper wording and body language to use for defusing a potentially violent situation. You will also see visual cues that indicate that a fight is about to break out.

Remember – the mind is your most powerful weapon. Use it well before the fight begins, and you may not have to fight at all.

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Video length: 1 hour and 34 min of awesome self-defense content!

Verbal Defense