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These videos are meant to be a complete course on real self defense. And to get maximum value out of them, you need to watch them in a row – one by one, without skipping any.

You might ask why we even have an option to buy each video separately. That's a good point, and the answer is simple:

Even individually, these videos provide life-saving advice. It's better to be prepared in at least one aspect of self defense than to face the violence of the world completely unprotected.

  • After all, you can stay out of 90% of fights just by being more aware.
  • You can talk your way out of almost any encounter by applying our verbal de-fusion tactics.
  • A competent fighting stance can help you block a sucker punch you would have fallen for otherwise.
  • One less misstep thanks to proficient footwork may save you in some intense altercation a year, or a month, from now.
  • An arsenal of well-practiced strikes and counters to the most common street moves will keep you alive even if avoidance and verbal de-fusion fail.
  • A solid ground fighting training will prepare you for the shock of being knocked down, and save you from what could be a deadly beat down.
  • Knowledge and skills in defeating a bigger and taller attacker will help you hold your own against someone with more size and reach.
  • Knife defense training can make all the difference between life and death in the streets.

And the list goes on! You get the idea – only offering the videos in a package would just mean holding back a lot of life-saving information. It just wouldn't be the right thing to do.

But if only ONE video could have such a profound effect on your self defense abilities, imagine what all of them would do!

If you are even remotely serious about protecting yourself and your loved ones in the best way possible, you can't afford not to watch the complete set of Code Red Defense's self defense videos.

You will get access to 14 videos – a total of 20 hours of life saving information!

That's over 20 HOURS of self defense content: drills, advice, exercises, and more. Real people in real life scenarios, with nothing staged or slowed down. For 1 year, you will get unlimited access for less than $0.81 per day of subscription!

A small price to pay for a lifetime of security for you and your loved ones; for lifelong skills that can, and very well may, save a life one day – yours or someone else's.

Once you master the Code Red Defense™ material, you'll not only feel safer, but actually BE safer.

So act now, and give yourself and your loved ones a gift of a lifetime!

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