Attackers and Street Thugs

NEVER Fight Fair.

Now it's Time to Turn Things Around...

We all know how much damage a knife or a gun can do. But what if you could get a weapon that is much easier to own legally, needs no maintenance whatsoever, but is very effective against both armed and unarmed attackers?

We are talking about a stick. You heard right – a piece of hard wood can help you thrash your attackers and knock them around like nobody's business! If you know how to fight with it properly, that is.

In this video, we will teach you the basics of stick fighting, and the many uses of this simple and super-effective weapon in the street.

You will learn to stun an attacker with powerful blows to the head, arms, legs, solar plexus and other sensitive places. We will also show you how to use it for traps, choke holds and even neck cranks.

Moreover, you will learn how to use the stick for keeping multiple attackers at a safe distance – out of range of their fists and weapons, but well within reach of your own weapon!

Stick fighting is excellent for when carrying a gun or a knife feels like too much, but you'd still rather not come up against any attackers bare handed. Just try it, and you will realise how effective such a simple weapon can be!

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Video length: 1 hour and 16 min of pure self-defense content!

Stick Fighting