Facing Multiple Attackers Has Got to be one of the SCARIEST Situations to Find Yourself In. Here's What You Should Know Before it Happens...

Street fights or muggings rarely happen one-on-one; they are usually much less fair. Most of the time you will face two or more attackers who are very likely armed bigger and stronger than you.

How do you prepare for something like that? Well, the important thing to remember is this – against multiple attackers, you don't fight to win. You fight to survive, to find an escape route and get away as soon as possible. Otherwise you will increase your chances of making a mistake, and become overwhelmed.

This video contains brutally difficult and realistic scenarios of engaging multiple opponents in different settings. There isn't a guaranteed recipe for dealing with more than one attacker, because each encounter is going to be different.

But still, you will learn how to move and defend yourself in such complex situations; how to deal with a mix of armed and unarmed opponents; how to use attackers' movements against them; how to make a quick escape as soon as opportunity presents itself.

You will find some of these drills punishing and nearly impossible to perform with perfection. That's the point – to show you that some fights are much harder than others.

Winning is not the goal here, remember? The goal is to go through a violent encounter while not being harmed – or being harmed as little as possible. And this self defense video will help you do just that!

The Multiple Attackers video is available for download.

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Video length: 1 hour and 39 min of life saving content!

Multiple Attackers