A Knife Attacker Has the Ability to Change your Life in only a Few Seconds! Are you Going to Let That Happen to You?

In many ways, an attacker with a knife is much worse to face than one with a gun.

For starters, guns are usually used for intimidation, to break resistance. Knives are also used for intimidation, but mostly used for muggings and violent attacks. In many cases, knife attacks are dynamic, where an attacker stabs to kill.

Moreover, gunshot wounds are often easier to notice. A knife wound, especially on adrenaline, can go unnoticed until it's too late. And it's just as lethal as a gunshot wound. To put it simply, you must learn the basics of knife defense – and from a trusted source.

We won't even describe the ridiculous things that are taught as knife defense lessons on the Internet. They are not only useless, but downright dangerous. Most of these instructions will get you killed.

This knife defense video focuses on what matters – trapping and disarming a knife-wielding attacker before you get cut too much. Nothing else matters. Forget about the fancy dodges and sequence techniques – any mistake can cost you your life.

To keep dodging means to guarantee that you will make a mistake as soon as you become tired. To keep training in a sequence is robbing you from a realistic training and can be very dangerous for you as it creates a false sense of security.

We hope that you never need to use these knife defense concepts. But they might save your life one day, from someone wildly slashing and stabbing at you – the way a real-world knife attack happens. That day may never come, but this video is still a must watch – just in case it does.

The Knife Defense video is available for download.

Order your copy of "Knife Defense" and learn how to live a safer life in these dangerous times.

Video length: 3 hours of life saving content!

Knife Defense