Complete Code Red Defense™ Video Set

Act Today and Learn How to Defend Yourself!

With this complete set, you get over 20 HOURS worth of solid training! Every minute is filled with useful content, alternating between actionable advice and useful drills that you can easily recreate on your own.

We made sure that our video lessons do only one thing, but do it well: help you acquire as many life-saving skills as needed, in as little time as possible.

Think of this course as an investment in your own safety and security. You can't buy a peaceful life that's never in danger of anything – but you can, and should, invest in an opportunity to learn how to protect yourself.

Finding a complete self-defense course as comprehensive as this one, is really hard! We promise you that you will learn more from these videos than from anything that is out there!

So act now – and by the time you have watched the last video and mastered the drills in it, you will be fully capable to protect yourself in the streets: from anyone, from anything. Only then can you truly stay safe.

Download All Videos on Your Hard Drive.

You get all 14 self-defense lessons PLUS a bonus video "Inside the Criminal Mind" on your hard drive, to view as many times as you want, and keep them for as long as you like.

Note: you must have at least 20 GB of available hard drive space to download the videos! Instant download! All videos are in a .mp4 format.

Complete Code Red Defense™ Video Set