Most Common Attacks can Easily be Handled, but that's ONLY if you Know Exactly How!

The worst thing about a threatening situation is that it usually starts abruptly. In a split second, you can go from a heated argument to a life-or-death confrontation – or from a peaceful walk down the street to an ambush.

But here's the best thing about a threatening situation – there are only so many ways an attacker can start it. Once you learn to recognise and defend against the most common attacks, you will find that nine times out of ten your opponent will confront you and attack, one of the ways you learned and have trained to counteract.

From face-to-face verbal abuse to angry shoving, tackling, sucker punching, haymakers and more, we've got you covered! This video will teach you to recognise the most common street fighting moves – to see them coming and be prepared. Remember, an attack you haven't seen coming does the most damage!

You will learn much more than just predict an attack correctly. We will show you how to counter each of those moves in the most efficient way, and turn your defense into offense as fast as possible. And, ideally, to finish the fight before it drags on for too long and depletes your energy.

If you aren't prepared for the dirty tricks and the dishonest moves, you won't survive a dangerous attack. On the contrary, learning how to effectively defend yourself against the most common attacks will greatly enhance your chances of staying safe.

The "Common Attacks" video is your cheat sheet, and it may just save your life one day!

This video is available for download.

Order your copy of "Common Attacks" and learn how to live a safer life in these dangerous times.

Video length: 1 hour and 51 min of extremely useful self-defense concepts!

Common Attacks