Are You Prepared for Something Like This?

A real case showing why self defense for women is so important

Imagine being a public place like a metro and suddenly out of nowhere, an unknown man starts grabbing you and touching you. What would you do? Are you prepared for something like this?

Firstly, today’s article is mostly for our female readers.

Oftentimes women are told that in order to avoid a sexual assault all they need to do is stick to public places and not provoke a potential rapist.

Well, we have bad news: sometimes it’s not enough, as illustrated by this piece of footage from one of the busiest public places in the world – Paris subway:

That Man Is Actively Looking for a Victim – Are you Prepared for this?

You can’t “not provoke” someone like that – he needs to find someone to abuse.

Unfortunately, even crowds won’t protect you. See how many passers-by there were when that man tried to rape and assault a woman in the elevator!

Does it look like anyone helped these women?

Not one single person did… Sheesh.

That means only YOU are responsible for your safety!

Feeling of helplessness is probably one of the worst in the world. When your life and dignity are threatened, it is downright dangerous.

Most of the time, nobody but you can stand up for yourself, and you can’t count on other people to always come to your aid (unfortunately).

The man in this clip commits sexual assault in a crowded subway. Yet, nobody is there to help his victim, who must be terrified beyond belief.

But, here’s the problem; people are conditioned to live in a pensive state of disregard towards their personal safety.

They are told that the police will save them, or passers-by will help them.

But, what if they don’t assist you? Or what if help arrives too late?

Take time to learn self defense techniques for women

The only reliable long-term solution is to learn women self-defense, and learn it well.

For instance, a rapist is not always your drunk date who decided he’s irresistible and came to his senses after a hard slap.

He can be vicious, predatory and determined, and good Samaritans aren’t always there for you!

Learning self-defense and counting first and foremost on yourself is the only path to security and empowerment – don’t neglect it!

So, it’s a clear message, don’t be a victim. Learn to protect yourself!

You’ll feel much better when walking the streets alone.

That is to say… Stay safe out there!

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Patrick Viana

Self-Defense Blog