Most Important Part of Self Defense

Discover a Crucial Element of Self Defense

There are many important aspects to consider when it comes to personal protection. While many people will often focus on perfecting their self-defense techniques, that’s not necessarily the optimal direction to take. That said, let’s look at the most important part of self defense.

While it is vital to practice your techniques so you can master them, when it comes to self defense, the number one thing people often don’t consider is awareness.

What’s the point of being able to do a perfect sucker punch or an elbow strike if you are not aware of your attacker and your surroundings?

The most important thing in self defense is awareness. Being aware is more then just being aware of your surroundings and knowing when you’re being followed by an attacker. Awareness comes in several different forms.

For starters, as mentioned above, being aware of your surroundings is crucial. Knowing where you are, what objects are close by that you can use to fight back, and knowing who is near you and where the points of escape are.

This will come in handy if ever you get attacked as you will already have a good idea of your surroundings and how it can help you should you need to defend yourself.

Awareness, an Important Part of Self Defense

Being aware of your attacker’s intentions is another crucial aspect of self defense. This means that you need to be aware about every single aspect of his possible movements, starting with his body language.

What is his body language reflecting?

Does he look like he’s ready to attack? If so, you need to ready to block his attack and strike back.

Is he nervous? Does he keep glancing around him? Maybe he’s expecting his friends to show up so they can corner you. Is he saying anything? Does he look like he’s signaling something to someone? Maybe he’s communicating with someone.

Listen to what he’s saying and pay attention to his movements.

Where are his hands? Is he hiding them behind his back? Perhaps he’s hiding a weapon.

Here’s a useful self defense tutorial on where to look when facing someone.

You need to be fully aware of his body language as it will reveal a lot about your attacker. It will not only give you an idea as to where the attack is heading, but also on what is the best self defense mechanism you can use in this scenario.

There are several different techniques you can use depending on the situation.

Therefore, being aware of your attacker will help you understand what is the best method to use in this scenario. By being alert and aware, you’re always one step ahead of your assailant.

Awareness During a Heated Situation or Alternation

If the fight does happen, you need to pay attention to what is going on during the fight. So, as you are defending yourself from punches or an edge weapon attack, you need to be able to know what is going on around you.

You also need to pay attention to what is said during the fight and be on the lookout for multiple attackers. Here’s a useful self defense awareness drill that you can practice to work on heightening these skills.

As you can see, nothing is more important in self defense than awareness. Mastering it can literally save your life!

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