Learn Stick Fighting for Self Defense

A powerful self defense tool you can use

Many people will often wonder what weapons they can keep around the house to defend themselves in the event that they are attacked. Well, you’re in good hands because we’re about to show you how to learn stick fighting for self defense.

While guns are often a popular choice, they require a license. Additionally, it’s not always the safest weapon you can have in your house, especially if you have kids. Because they can be harmful when in the wrong hands, guns are often kept in a safe or locked drawer making it not easily accessible.

Think about it. By the time you’re able to get to your gun, in certain cases it can already be too late and your attacker can have already cause significant damage. Studies have also shown that people who have guns in their house are more at risk since it can be used against them.

With that in mind, it’s important to consider just what kind of weapon you can use that will help you in the event of an attack. A kali stick is actually a great option. While many people won’t consider it, a stick can be handy for self defense.

For starters, it’s easy to store anywhere within your house or car. It doesn’t cause much damage if your kids come across it. And it’s very easy to use.

Not only that, it can be quite effective for your personal protection.

Stick fighting can be handy for home protection

In the event that you catch someone breaking into your house, a stick is a great tool to use to strike your attacker with. Make sure to put all your force and weight behind your strikes to stop the threat.

The goal in any self defense situation is to incapacitate your attacker long enough for you to be able to get away. Watch this promo clip, to see how you can learn to defend yourself with stick fighting.

Contrary to popular belief, sticks can be very effective and useful when it comes to protecting yourself.

If you’re unsure about just how much damage it can cause to your attacker if ever you need to defend yourself, try using one next time you’re practicing with your training partner. Just make sure not to use it to hard to avoid serious injuries.

You can use the Bob Dummy for full force practice.

To learn more on stick fighting, take a look at the clip below:

You can click this link to purchase the Code Red Defense stick fighting video. This official tutorial, is a complete instructional video on how to use a kali stick to fight off an attacker.

I hope you found these self defense tips on stick fighting useful.

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As always, stay safe out there.

Patrick Viana

Code Red Defense