Learn How to Box in 10 Days!

Boxing is essential for self defense

When training for self defense, you usually get into specific techniques and safety tactics. It’s obviously a good thing. But what’s also good is to do boxing for overall fighting skills. So, here’s a resource to help you learn how to box in 10 days.

As part of our self defense training throughout the years, we’ve always incorporated boxing techniques. We’ve always emphasized on the importance of learning boxing.

When you know how to box and move around properly, you understand what it is to deliver a punch and also what it feels to get punched.

You understand how distance plays a huge role in a fight and you learn to move accordingly.

A comprehensive boxing course

This boxing instructional video and eBook will help you improve your boxing skills.

However, this boxing course isn’t designed to make you a pro or seasoned fighter in 10 days.

It’s an accelerated boxing course to teach you the basics and fundamentals of solid boxing technique in the fastest time possible.

Here’s what you will learn in this course:

  • All the proper fundamentals of boxing;
  • The proper boxing techniques such as punching, defending, countering strikes, and moving around with footwork;
  • Drills and workout routines to develop your boxing skills;
  • Secret techniques and training methods used by professional boxers.

Get an instant access to this great boxing course and start learning advanced boxing skills including tips to improve your punching, defense and body movement.

Boxing is one of the best sports to learn to practice defensive techniques.

Not only that, but boxing helps you read your opponents moves. You will learn how to see the punches coming and defend against them.

Boxing is highly recommended in your self-defense venture. Click the button below to visit Expert Boxing’s website.

With that course, you’ll be able to learn how to box in 10 days. Not bad, right?!

Patrick Viana

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