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Gun Defense: An Important Topic of Self Defense

In this article, we discuss an important topic of personal protection. We delve into how to learn gun defense with Code Red Defense.

Being faced with an attacker who has a gun is no laughing matter. When you are faced with an attacker, it’s normal to feel panic and look for a way out. However, if you’re faced with an attacker who has a gun and he’s pointing it right at you, then it’s safe to say that the situation has taken a turn for the worst.

There are many things that can go wrong in this situation and the outcome can have dangerous results. It’s crucial for you to stay calm and not panic. You don’t know what your attacker is thinking or how things will play out.

Maybe he has no intention of pulling the trigger and the gun is not even loaded. Maybe he’s simply using the gun as an intimidation measure to get you to do what he is asking. Or maybe he’s in a state of mind where he has lost all common sense and has every intention of pulling the trigger if he feels threatened.

The fact is that you don’t know what’s going on in your attacker’s mind and therefore, you need to prepare yourself for the worst possible case scenario.

There are many different scenarios that can play out when you’re faced with an attacker who has a gun. The most important thing to remember is that if you’re attacker is still talking to you, it means you still have a chance.

Actions you can take when facing an attacker with a gun

Make sure you communicate with him in a way where he feels like you are in agreement. If he’s asking for something, give it to him without fighting. Nothing is worth your life. Collaborate with him, ask him what he wants. This will make him feel like you’re willing to agree with him.

Here are self defense tips when facing a gun attack.

With that said, you also want to make it harder for him to aim the gun at you. Therefore, move around him as he’s talking or you’re talking. Don’t stay in the same position. This will make it harder for him to aim the gun at you.

You can also use gun distancing measures as well as other self defense techniques that can help you in this situation.

Learn Gun Defense with Code Red Defense

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