Knife Stabbing Self Defense Tips

Learn knife defense tips to keep you safe

Sadly, knife attacks are very common. And, many people who are in these situations where their attacker has a knife, they don’t know how to defend themselves. So, in order to prepare yourself, here are knife stabbing self defense tips.

That said, one important thing to remember about knife attacks is awareness.

When your attacker has a weapon, it’s crucial for you to be alert at all times. You need to be aware of all their movements and your surroundings, so you can be prepared and defend yourself.

The moment you’re no longer aware of your attacker’s movements and surroundings, that’s the moment where things can take a turn for the worst.


Because the moment you stop being aware of your attacker, they can take out their weapon and stab you. See self defense tips prior to someone pulling a knife.

Trusting your instinct is also very important. Your intuition will take you if something is off. If you feel something doesn’t add up, trust it.

As seen in this knife defense video, you need to be alert at all times:

Watch out for your attacker’s movements and be aware of your surroundings.

If you’re not alert and aware, by the time you realize that your attacker has a knife and is coming towards you it’s most likely already too late.

However, if you’re aware at all times, you’ll be able to spot the moment your attacker makes a move towards you and you’ll be in a better position to block him and defend yourself.

Being able to pick up on clues and signals before a knife attack occurs is crucial.

To watch the clip directly on YouTube, check our video on knife stabbing tips.

Additional knife stabbing self defense tips

If you want to learn all about knife defense, including stabbing attacks, but also dynamic and static attacks, I recommend you checking out our complete instructional video on knife defense.

This 3-hour long instructional video, contains all you need to protect yourself from an individual holding a knife who’s looking to hurt you or others.

Always keep learning to empower yourself.

Practice the knife defense scenario seen in the video with a training partner. Take the time to find a reliable training partner and practice knife defense often.

Furthermore, you can read our article on how to defend yourself if you have a knife to your throat.

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