Knife Defense Perspective

One of the biggest factors when it comes to protecting yourself is your environment. It can determine how the fight will turn out and ultimately if you’re able to escape it.

When you think about it, the environment in which your fighting plays a huge role. You could slip, fall, trip over items and so forth. It determines the direction in which the fight will go, especially if you’re faced with an attacker who has a knife.

For example, if you have an attacker who is coming at you with a knife, your environment will determine how you will be able to escape the situation. Obviously, your first instinct should be to block the knife and get out of the way where you can’t get injured.

Therefore, if you’re in an open space, use this to your advantage and get out of there.

Your attacker has a weapon and although you believe you have the proper self-defense techniques to defend yourself, don’t attempt to use them. You’re lucky to be in an environment where you can escape so use this to your advantage and get out before you get injured.

Unfortunately, if you’re in a closed environment with little to no room to escape, then you need to assess your surroundings quickly and use whatever you can to defend yourself. Again, your goal is to avoid getting injured so you want stay away from your opponent as much as you can.

Use whatever you can to block your attacker and as soon as you’re able to, escape. Remember, he has a weapon and chances are he’s ready to use it. Your main goal should always be to escape any situation where you are faced with an attacker who has a weapon.

To see our video on how the environment can play a crucial role when it comes to knife defense, check out our video below:

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