Knife Defense Parrying and Striking Drill

Knife defense training is crucial for all students of self defense

It’s critical to have a complete self defense training that includes exercises against an attacker holding a blade. In this article, we’ll demonstrate a knife defense parrying and striking drill.

While some instructors in self-defense will say that the best method to defeat an attacker with a knife is to block it, others will say the opposite, that you should trap it.

Both methods could be good. However, it really depends on your attacker, your surroundings and the situation itself.

Let’s say you’re in an open space area, your best option would be to block the knife. Why? Well, being as you have lots of open space around you, you can easily move around and defend yourself.

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Be careful about knife attacks in confined spaces

That said, if you find yourself in a smaller space, like an elevator for example, trapping is your best option since you can’t go anywhere.

Your main objective during a knife fight should be to avoid getting injured, obviously. You want to get out of the fight with minimal to no injuries.

Therefore, it’s important for you to practice your knife blocking skills. This will help you develop your skills and be prepared if ever you’re in a situation like this.

While you might know the theory on how to block a knife attack, it’s still crucial for you to practice physically. This will give you a more realistic view of the situation and how to protect yourself.

Defense is good, but offense will save you

Consequently, try and find opportunities where you can strike your opponent.

Whether it’s true distraction with low kicks for knife defense, you want to find the perfect opportunity where you can strike your opponent in a way that will have the strongest impact, so you can escape the situation.

But, at one point you need to strike your attacker. You can’t just sit there and defend, you need to strike back with force!

Once you’ve been able to strike your opponent, he might change his tactic and not be as motivated or committed than he was before attacking you.

Always follow up with your strikes. Keep going until your attacker has dropped that knife.

To see a visual interpretation, check out this outstanding knife defense exercise.

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Knife defense parrying and striking drill:

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