Knife Defense in a Confined Space

Knife Defense in Narrow Environments

Having overall self defense skills, means that you’re prepared for different type of attacks and situations. In this article, we cover knife defense in a confined space.

That said, being faced with an attacker who has a weapon is one of the worst situations you can be in. Now, imagine if you’re in a narrow environment!

You never know how your attacker will react and how dangerous he really is. Attackers can be very unpredictable and you never know which way an attack will go.

This is why you need to be ready at all times!

That said, you never want to underestimate your attacker. You should always be ready to defend yourself against no matter who is standing in front of you. Having your guard up during an attack is crucial. Especially if when a weapon is involved in a fight.

A Dangerous Knife Scenario

So, let’s get back to our scenario…

Imagine you’re faced with an attacker who not only has a weapon, but you’re in a confined space. Many people will often think that they can just escape an attacker with a weapon.

But if you’re in a space where there is no obvious escape, such as an elevator, a staircase, or a cramped alleyway, the situation becomes that much more difficult.

One important aspect to remember is that you do not want to turn your back on your opponent. This not only puts you in a vulnerable position, it gives an upper hand to your attacker. He can take advantage of you turning your back on him to catch you off guard.

Some great self-defense techniques to use in this situation is to ensure that you are facing your attacker at all times. Make sure you know where the weapon is at all times. If he’s holding it in his hands, keep your eye on his hands and don’t let it out your sight.

You can use some great knife trapping techniques in this situation. For starters, you can strike your attacker on one side and then trap the hand holding the knife while you catch him off guard.

Another great technique is while you’re striking your attacker in one area, you focus on keeping the hand holding the weapon as far away from you as possible.

Live Demo about Knife Defense in a Confined Space

As seen in the clip, there are many great self defense techniques you can use in this situation. And, the best way is to practice with your training partner. This will help you further develop your technique.

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