Knife Defense Exercise to Enhance your Safety

A powerful drill for knife defense purposes

One of the worst situations you can be in during a fight is when your opponent has a knife. As soon as your attacker has a weapon, the situation takes a turn for the worst. So, here’s an effective knife defense exercise to enhance your safety.

You’ll quickly see how practicing knife defense on a regular basis will greatly improve your defensive and offensive skills against a knife attacker.

Our video of a knife defense trapping drill, demonstrates what a knife attack can look like and how to defend yourself.

To give a better idea of what a knife attack can look like in a close quarter range, we’ve placed a tire on the floor. This allows you to visualize your footwork in a circular motion.

When training with your partner, make sure to get into position and have your partner grab you and attempt to injure you with a rubber knife or another item resembling a knife.

The goal should be for you to trap the knife with your hand before he strikes you.

Watch how it’s done with this knife defense trapping drill:

You need to be careful about how you trap the knife, so you don’t risk getting injured while trapping the knife.

You want to always keep the knife as far away from you as possible

Don’t forget, your attacker is aiming to hurt you with the knife. Therefore, you need to keep your eyes on the weapon at all times and be aware of your attacker’s movements.

You want to grab hold of the hand holding the weapon and hold it as long as you can. That will limit your attacker’s movements and be in control of the hand holding the knife.

Once you’ve successfully trapped the hand, you can use your self-defense techniques to defend yourself and get out of the situation.

A great technique is using your footwork skills to move around your attacker. The more you move, the harder it is for your attacker to trap you.

Another great technique is to use the hand that’s not holding down your attacker to strike your attacker and block any hits coming your way.

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Make sure to practice these moves with your training partner so you can further develop your self defense techniques and work on your timing.

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