Is this Self Defense or Not?

Now, was that really needed?

In this article, we’ll see a short clip of two people arguing outside near a food vendor. We’ll then analyze the entire situation to see if this is self defense or not?

We will never get tired of saying it – in most situations, fighting is unnecessary. It is a last resort, when your life and possessions are in danger. For everything else there’s a peaceful solution.

Take a look at this short video and tell us if it’s really self-defense or not.

Looks like a needless display of force!

We don’t have much context for it, so it just appears that a young man is picking on someone for moving on the line. Or maybe they bumped into each other earlier.

This is most likely NOT self defense

Contrary to popular belief, fighting when you clearly don’t need to, doesn’t solve a problem, it piles more of them on top of each other.

From what we can see in this short knock out punch video, it seems like this fight could have been avoided.

Actually, it could of all been done with verbal self-defense.

Visibly, the person with the blue shirt was not a threat.

The other guy showed off an impressive punch, but there was no apparent reason to beat his opponent up in such a manner.

Instead, he should have defused the situation and leave the scene. It would have been much more preferable. I mean, how hard could it be?

Considering that there weren’t any signs of threat from the person with the blue shirt, I can safely say that the brutal punch was not required.

In a movie it may have passed for something great and heroic. In real life that guy could have been charged with assault, fined and given community service.

He could have also done time for this!

Such a vicious response to what was likely just a verbal insult can have disproportionate consequences.

You can’t fight your way out of lawsuit, and committing assault on somebody will generally result in one!

If you know how to fight, it doesn’t mean you get to do it every time there’s an argument!

You have a brain – use it.

Self defense positioning when facing violence

Another important point to mention is the importance of your fighting stance. As seen in the clip, the victim could have chosen a better stance.

Always remember to avoid fighting, de-escalate and make sure that your hands are up and ready to protect your head when you’re in an argument with someone.

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Finally, I hope that you learned something from this article.

Always keep in mind that needless violence is not self-defense – it only gets you in trouble. Avoid it as much as possible.

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Patrick Viana

Code Red Defense