Introduction to Code Red Defense

A powerful reality-based self defense system

Learning basic self defense moves is crucial for everyone. It’s good for people from all ages, genders and ethnic backgrounds. This is why we want to do a short introduction to Code Red Defense.

Since we can all relate to this, it’s safe to say that life can sometimes put us in a situation where we need to have the total ability to protect ourselves.

That said, having the capability to protect ourselves can often make the difference in becoming a victim or not.

The importance of being prepared for self-defense

If a person is put in a situation where their safety is being threatened and they don’t have the means to defend themselves, the outcome can leave the person seriously injured.

And, in some cases, can even be fatal, unfortunately.

That’s why Code Red Defense has made it its mission to teach self defense moves to the general public. However, it’s important to note that Code Red Defense is not like any other self defense courses. We’re taking a completely new approach.

The Code Red Defense difference

Unlike other self defense classes where they teach you how to defend yourself by throwing a good punch or kick, Code Red Defense is using an even more realistic approach.

This unique way of doing things, covers many different angles of self defense, a 360 degree view of the topic, if you will.

Above all, Code Red Defense teaches you all the basics of self defense in an efficient and productive matter. No matter the type of attack you’re looking to defend yourself from, this system demonstrates all the different techniques to defend yourself effectively.

Complete instructional videos for your personal safety

Through instructive tutorials that go straight to the point, you will learn everything you need to be able to protect yourself proficiently against your attacker.

If you’re looking for self defense techniques to protect you against potential attackers in real life scenarios, then Code Red Defense is the perfect self-defense YouTube channel for you to follow.

So, you have videos available online. If you want to learn from our official and proven material, take a look at our self-defense videos.

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Stay safe,

Patrick Viana

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Introduction to Code Red Defense