Important Knife Defense Tips

Knife attacks are very dangerous. You never know how the situation will turn out so you always need to be extremely alert and aware of your opponent.

Although knife attacks are dangerous on their own, the most dangerous ones are when your attacker is leading with one hand and stabbing with the other. This type of attack is called the “Grab and Pump”.

What makes this situation very dangerous is the fact that your attacker is trying to trap you by grabbing your shirt and stabbing you with his knife at the same time. The most important thing you can do in this situation is to stay out of his reach.

By keeping your distance, you’re making it more difficult for your attacker to grab you and you have a better chance of defeating him. When you’ve managed to stay out of his reach, try to pair his arm and trap the knife all while striking him back.

Put everything you’ve got behind each strike, because when you’re faced with an armed attacker, it’s no joke, literally.

Watch the following video for important defense tips against a knife attack.

We hope you found these self-defense tips useful against knife attacks.

Since being attacked by someone holding a knife is a very serious issue, you should dedicate time to learn knife defense properly.

If you want to dig deeper into protect yourself against an armed attacker, check out the official instructional video on knife defense.

That video has the potential to save your life one day.

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