Important Factors of a Knife Fight

Knife attack: one of the scariest situation to find yourself in

A knife fight is obviously one of the worst situations you can be in during a fight. This is why we dedicate so much of our focus on teaching knife defense. That said, here are some important factors of a knife fight.

The injury you can sustain from a knife fight can be very dangerous which is why you should always consider a few important factors if ever you’re in this dangerous situation.

The first important factor to consider is the scenario in which you’re in

Are there any aspects that’s making the grip on the knife difficult? For example, is it raining? Are you sweating or bleeding? Any of these situations can make the grip on the knife difficult.

Therefore, trapping the knife is very difficult because you can’t get a steady grip on your opponent’s arm or wrist.

Other important factors of knife defense

If your attacker wants your wallet, your jacket or any of your possessions, just throw it at him and run.

Obviously, no item is worth your life. However, you also want to throw him whatever he is asking for, so you can create a distraction.

Even if it’s for a split second, don’t hesitate to throw him whatever he is asking for and making a run for it. That can be an effective self defense strategy in certain situations.

Creating that split second of distraction can go a long way if you use it wisely by escaping. So, don’t hesitate to run as quickly as you can after throwing him your items.

See an example right here:

Speed is another important factor during a knife fight

For example, if you were able to trap your attacker’s knife but lost your grip, you need to think fast for your next move.

Be prepared to strike back immediately after losing your grip so your attacker doesn’t see it coming. Catching him off guard and quickly is key in this case.

If you want to see a live demonstration, you can do it right here: Knife fighting self defense tips.

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