How Would You Fight Someone So Drugged up?

Are you prepared to fight someone on hard drugs?

That is a question you should stop and think about, because it can happen and it’s quite a challenging situation to be in. So, how would you fight someone so drugged up?

Firstly, drug users are the criminals you don’t want to engage at all, ever. Well, only if you have no other choice and they’re already coming at you.

There is no way to tell how they would react to you and what they will do when harmed, even if you know what drug they are on.

This is especially true for people high on bath salts, a synthetic drug producing the kind of high that comes from ingesting cocaine and meth simultaneously.

Addicts’ behavior varies wildly, but most of the time it’s aggressive and unpredictable.

Here’s an example of a crazy individual on bath salts:

Even worse, bath salts allegedly increase a person’s strength and inhibit sensitivity to pain, which makes them incredibly tough to incapacitate.

In other words, if you cross paths with a bath salts addict, just run as if your life depends on it, and it probably does.

But if you can’t run – fight like hell!

That way you’ll have a chance.

Here are additional tips on how to deal with someone on drugs.

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Patrick Viana

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