How to Use Your Jacket as an Improvised Weapon

Self defense tips using improvised weapons

There are many items you can use as an improvised weapon during a fight. One we don’t often think about is our clothes. Consequently, let’s see how to use your jacket as an improvised weapon.

While it may not be the obvious choice, your jacket can be an excellent improvised weapon during a street fight.

For starters, you can use your jacket to create a distance between you and your attacker if he has a knife. You can use your jacket to protect yourself from getting injured and as a barrier to keep it at a distance.

Not many self-defense instructors teach that trick, but we like to use anything we can to protect ourselves. And, that is especially true when defending against a dangerous knife wielding attacker.

Other way you can use your jacket as an improvised weapon

Another great way you can use your jacket as a weapon is by taking it off quickly and whipping it back and forth towards your attacker to attempt to hit him. This will create a distraction and give you the opportunity to get away.

It’s a great tactic to not only create a distance between you and your attacker, but it will also discourage him from trying to fight you.

Your attacker will feel dazed about this tactic. And, that will give you an opportunity to come in with additional strikes.

To see a better example of how you can use your jacket as an improvised weapon, make sure to check out our YouTube video below:

As you can see, you can get creative with your clothes and you can also use improvised weapons laying near you to protect yourself.

Take a look at this resource for a complete video on improvised weapons for self defense.

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