How to Set Up a Hammer Fist Strike

A powerful self-defense strike

One of the most popular moves in self defense is the hammer fist. This is due to its efficiency and strong impact it leaves on the opponent. So, let’s dive in how to set up a hammer fist strike.

If done properly, this devastating strike, can create a lot of damage to your attacker.

Quick, efficient and powerful, the hammer fist is often the first technique used by people as a self defense mechanism. That being said, it’s important to understand the basics and know how’s of the hammer fist.

Having the knowledge and capability to perform a good hammer fist strike, can make a big difference when it comes to defending yourself. And this, can often put you at a tactical advantage.

That’s why, we’ve taken the time to show you the basics of a hammer fist, so you feel confident when it comes to do one.

How to make a proper hammer fist

The first thing that’s important to remember when performing a hammer fist strike is that you need to make a fist with your hand.

Make sure your hand is well positioned into a fist so when it comes time to strike your opponent, you’re ready. By keeping your hands up and your body language relaxed, you’re giving the impression that you are in control to your opponent.

Additionally, if they try to strike first, you’re already in defense mode and can block any moves they try to make with your position.

Your arms and hands are already upwards and your hand is already turned into a fist, so if your opponent comes at you, all you have to do is move and block their attack.

It’s also a great opportunity for you to strike them since you’re already in position.

Here’s a video on how to set up a hammer fist strike:

Make sure to aim correctly

Another important thing to remember about the hammer fist is your aim. You always want to aim towards the facial area since that’s where you will have the biggest impact.

If you’re talking face to face with your opponent and you want to strike them, you can easily aim towards their nose. You’ll see that the impact of this self-defense strike can cause quite some damage and be to your benefit.

What’s great about the hammer fist is that even if your opponent does manage to flinch and try to get away, if you strike them, you can still hit them pretty hard if you go hard enough.

Put your entire body behind the strike

When you’re performing a hammer fist strike, you shouldn’t just focus on using your arms to inflict the blow, you should use your entire body so you can use your whole weight. By doing so, you’re making every strike count.

To see the video tutorial on how to perform a hammer fist strike, make sure to visit our YouTube channel where you will find this video along with other resourceful videos on self defense.

You can also learn everything there is on the striking fundamentals for self-defense.


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