How to Increase Hand Speed for Self Defense

Learn to throw a punch fast

Whether you’re boxing, sparring with a training partner or even squaring off with someone in the streets, you’ll need to have quick hands. In this article, we’ll show you how to increase hand speed for self defense.

Firstly, learning to punch properly is not just about hand positioning or assuming a well-balanced fighting stance.

It also has to do with developing enough speed and power to make your blows much stronger and harder to avoid.

Even the most technically flawless punch, when thrown lazily, can be easily countered or dodged altogether – so you need to make them lightning-fast and inescapable!

But in reality, it’s easier than it sounds!

Punch stronger and faster

We’ve said on many occasions that human body is amazing – and if you know its numerous little

dirty secrets, you can really supercharge your training!

For example, in mastering skill-based stuff, like throwing punches, the major determining factor of your success or failure is not muscle mass.

It’s the ability of your nervous system to fire up fast and recruit as many muscle fibers as possible to do the job (in this case, to punch).

Functionally, this means that you can boost your punching speed and power without adding any

muscle or killing yourself with brutal workouts!

Here’s a good video that explains one of the simplest tricks that can be used to condition your nervous system:

See how easy this was!

If you take this instruction and apply it over several weeks of training, you are sure to notice a rise in your punching power – and so will your opponents!

Furthermore, by taking advantage of the little trick shown in the video, you will be able to boost your punching speed considerably.

Your body is already capable of moving faster – it just needs to be conditioned properly.

And now you know exactly how to accomplish it!

Just stick to what the trainer has demonstrated, and in several weeks of training even the most sluggish of your punches will become fast, clean and efficient!

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Stay safe,

Patrick Viana

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