How to Finish a Fight Against a Taller Attacker

There are many efficient ways you can finish a fight.

However, if your attacker is larger than you, then you need to be strategic about the way you want to finish the fight. Remember, the goal is to have him distracted or defeated long enough for you to get away.

From palm strikes to elbow strikes to knee strikes and many other powerful strikes, the options are endless. The main objective is to strike him hard enough so you can get the desired impact and escape the situation as quickly as possible.

Another great way to finish a fight with a larger attacker is the headbutt.

Watch the clip right here to see what it’s all about:

If performed efficiently, you can finish the fight within seconds with a powerful headbutt strike.

While it’s often not the first self defense tactic for many people because they’re not sure they can pull it off, it’s definitely one of the most efficient ways that can end an altercation.

If you do decide to go for the headbutt, then try to hit the facial area of your attacker with the top of your head.

Make sure you put the entire weight of your body behind the strike. This will definitely create the desired impact and have your opponent possibly falling down.

To see how to finish a fight against a taller attacker, make sure to check out our YouTube video.

You will see how much energy comes from bigger and taller guys and how you need to deal with the situation quickly to remain safe.

You don’t have much time to mess around when someone that dangerous is looking to fight you. It’s either you getting severely injured or you reacting appropriately to stay safe.

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