How to Escape Being Choked on a Wall from your Attacker

You’re bound to end up in tricky situations during a street fight. This includes being put in a position where you might find it difficult to escape.

One of these situations can be that your attacker has managed to trap you against a wall and is attempting to choke you.

If you’re unfortunate enough to be in this position, you need to act fast.

This is one of the situations where mere seconds can cost you a lot. Therefore, timing is of the essence and you need to be quick.

If your hands are free, use them.

Whether that’s striking him in the face, aiming for his eyes or slapping him, do whatever you can to distract him and that can have him loosen his hold on you.

See a live demo here:

Additionally, you can also use your legs as a defense mechanism. Hit your assailant as hard as you can with your feet. Aim for the groin, kick him in the legs, use your feet to push him off of you.

Anything you do is helpful because at this point, your goal is to have him lose his balance or distract him long enough for him to loosen up his hold on you so you can escape this situation.

Remember, the goal is to escape this situation and get out of there as fast as you can.

It’s not time to stick around. It’s time to go home safely.

For a better example on this topic of self defense, watch our video on how you can escape being choked on a wall from your attacker.

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