How to Escape a Two Arm Lapel Grab

Have you ever been by grabbed by the collar?

In a street fight, there are many different positions you can be in. Some of them can be at your disadvantage while others are not that difficult to get out of. In this article, we’ll look into how to escape a two arm lapel grab.

Now, before getting into the scope of the self defense move that we want to teach you here, is understanding that if someone manages to grab you, it means that your awareness skills were not at best that day.

We talk about it a lot, but that is because self defense awareness is one of your most important assets for personal protection.

So always keep that in mind.

With that said, a not so good situation to be in during a fight is a two-arm lapel grab.

Why you may ask?

Because getting out of this position is challenging. If you do end up in this situation however, don’t worry, you can escape but you need to be smart about it.

Usually, when you’re in a two-arm lapel grab, you can sense when your attacker is about to strike you. Since both your hands are connected, you can sense the movement before it happens.

Therefore, you need to be alert so that when you sense he’s about to strike you, you can be proactive and hit him first before he sees it coming.

Because of the way your hands are positioned in this self defense technique, you can easily trap your opponent’s arms and strike him quickly.

This will give you the opportunity to escape the position and get out of this awkward position.

See a live demonstration of how to escape a two arm lapel grab:

Don’t forget, the two-arm lapel grab allows you to feel the moment your opponent moves. So, you can always be prepared and strike back if he moves to hit you.

You need to be aware about every movement your attacker makes so you can react quickly.

Being alert is key here, so that you don’t get grabbed like that.

And if you do get caught up in a two-arm lapel grab, remember that you have options and you get out the situation safely.

Oh… don’t forget to strike your opponent like he deserves it!

Force must parallel danger thought!

If it’s someone you feel is not endangering your life who is grabbing you, just brush him off. Don’t break his face.

However, if you feel that your life is threatened and that you need to defend yourself, strike back like there is no tomorrow.

Alright, that’s it for this explanation of this self defense technique.

Go ahead and watch the live demonstration on how to deal with someone grabbing you by the collar.

Take care,

Patrick Viana

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