How to Escape a Headlock from a Larger Attacker on the Ground

Learn ground self-defense tips

While it can seem impossible to escape a larger attacker who has you pinned to the ground, it’s not completely impossible. So, in this article we look at something precise such as how to escape a headlock from a larger attacker on the ground.

That said, with the right self-defense technique, you can find ways to escape this complexe situation.

If ever you’re faced with an attacker who is larger then you and you find yourself on the ground, it’s not a good thing. His weight can crush you to the ground placing you in a position where you can’t breathe.

This is why it’s crucial to learn advanced self-defense tips on ground fighting.

Fighting from the ground is not easy, but it can be done

Tat said, it’s important to not loose focus and concentrate on finding an escape route.

The first thing you want to do is to try and maneuver your body out of the way, making it difficult for a larger attacker to strike or crush you.

If possible, try to find a way to slide from underneath him. If you’re able to get under him, you can slide out and escape the situation.

However, if that’s not an option, try to defend yourself with your hands and your fingers.

Strike hard and fast

You can do so by striking his face which will have the biggest impact and making it that much more difficult for him to strike you.

For example, you want to try to aim for his eyes and his nose which is the most sensitive part of the face.

If you’re able to attack the eyes and nose of your assailant, this will give you an advantage. Put everything you have behind your strike and fight for your life!

Above all, fighting with conviction, can help you to get away from the headlock.

To sum up, check out this video to see an example on how to deal with a larger attacker on the ground holding you in a headlock.

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Escape a headlock from a larger attacker on the ground