How to Escape a Bigger Attacker from the Guard

While there are different ways you can defeat a larger attacker, very few are effective. It’s important to strike a larger opponent quickly and efficiently to give the maximum impact.

The goal is to strike them hard enough to give you the time to escape the situation safely.

If you’re faced with an attacker who is bigger than you in a guard position, it’s crucial that you strike them with speed and strength.

Whether you aim them in the groin area, pull their hair or headbutt them repeatedly, you want to make sure you’re giving your maximum effort to strike hard.

Additionally, if you feel that your life is in danger, you can even slam your attacker’s head to the floor to stop him from attacking you.

One thing that’s crucial for you to remember is to keep your hands on the inside at all times. This will block your attacker’s fists from punching you.

If you’re able to, try moving his legs around and go down on one side. While you’re doing this, make sure that he’s still unable to punch you.

To see an example on how you can escape a bigger attacker from a guard position, check out our video:

Don’t try to get up on your feet too fast, because even though your opponent can’t see you with his head thrown back, he can still have the instinct of kicking you.

If he manages to somehow kick you in the face, he could continue with punches which could then give your attacker the upper hand.

You certainly don’t want that and it’s best you use a “tactical get up” to escape this situation.

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