How to do a Throat Strike for Self Defense

When you have no other choice than to defend yourself

When your life is in danger, throat strikes can be very effective. They hit a very sensitive area and if performed correctly, can cause significant damage to your opponent giving you the upper hand in a fight. So, let’s see how to do a throat strike for self defense.

First off, the throat strike is a very effective self-defense move especially if you’re faced with a larger attacker. It’s a great way if you want to go pre-emptive and create the element of surprise.

Attackers often don’t see the throat strike coming and therefore it catches them off guard.

Another great advantage of the throat strike is that it’s a great technique to use if you want to end a fight or gain enough time to incapacitate your attacker and get out of there as quickly as possible.

To perform a throat strike efficiently, you want to use your entire body and put all your weight and strength behind it to cause as much damage as possible.

Use the curve of your hand and strike in the lower part of the throat immediately.

You can follow-up with a double palm strike or an elbow and knee strike. The important thing is to keep striking so that you can gain an upper hand and get out of there as soon as possible.

The throat strike, an effective self defense move:

Make sure to practice these strikes with the Bob Dummy to see how much force you’re putting behind each strike. It will help you to further develop your technique and work on your timing.

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