How to do a Chokehold for Self Defense

Discover a very effective self-defense move

Chokeholds are not used frequently in street fights because they are difficult to apply. There are a lot of things moving fast during a fight. But there are times when chokeholds can be very handy. In this article, we’ll look at how to do a chokehold for self defense.

That said, doing a chokehold is not the usual self-defense technique people go for. Why? Mostly, it’s because it can have drastic results and is best used as a last effort.

However, it’s still a good move to learn because you never know when you might need to use it to save your life.

Consequently, a chokehold can end a fight quickly if done right. Therefore, you need to make sure that you’re doing it correctly and you also want to ensure that you’re not going to cause severe damage to your opponent.

To do a chokehold the right way, you want to place your elbow underneath the chin of your attacker. Once you’ve managed to get into position, make sure to squeeze your bicep and forearm.

This will block the air from getting to your attacker’s brain. Eventually, your attacker will lack air and pass out giving you a significant advantage.

Watch the video on how to do a chokehold:

As seen in the clip, you should use this opportunity to your advantage and escape the situation. Remember, the goal is to put your attacker at a disadvantage giving you enough time to get away.

So, it’s clear that chokeholds can be very effective for self-defense. If performed correctly, you can easily trap your opponent in a chokehold making it difficult for him to escape.

It’s an effective move since it’s one of the fastest ways to end a fight, when you’re in the right position to apply it. For example, let’s say you established chest to back with your attacker, you can apply it during a fight.

However, you do want to ensure that you’re using this self-defense technique in extreme situations only.

Furthermore, a chokehold is best performed in situations where the opportunity presents itself.

It shouldn’t be your first go to self-defense technique. In other words, it’s not a move you should try to force. If the opportunity presents itself, do it. Otherwise, you might want to use another self-defense technique.

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