How to Disarm a Weapon for Self Defense

Self defense tips when faced with someone with a gun

Being faced with an attacker who has a weapon is not an ideal situation. At any moment he can decide to use it against you. In this article, we’ll look at how to disarm a weapon for self defense.

Guns can turn any situation into a horrifying one and it’s normal that they can cause anxiety and fear for many people. Psychologically speaking, guns can create a lot of anxiety and fear.

That’s why being able to defend yourself from a dangerous person holding a gun is even more important.

Being able to disarm a weapon is crucial. You don’t want to give your attacker the opportunity to use his weapon against you. Learning to disarm a weapon is a crucial aspect of self defense.

It allows you to avoid a situation from taking a drastic turn and also has you being more in control of the situation.

There’s nothing worst than having a gun pointed at you or placed directly on your head. It’s without a doubt one of the worst situations you can find yourself in.

How to disarm a weapon for self defense

As seen in the clip, to disarm a person with a weapon, you need to be extremely cautious. Any sudden movement or wrong move can have drastic results.

The first thing you want to do is try talking your way out of it. If the person wanted to shoot you, he would have done it already. As long as he hasn’t pulled the trigger, there is still hope.

Moreover, talk to your attacker. Make him understand that you mean no harm and that you want to avoid the situation from taking a turn for the worst. Be cooperative and give him whatever he’s asking for. Nothing is worth your life.

That said, verbal defense is an important part of gun defense.

In some situations, talking your way out is not always an option. If that happens, you need to go pre-emptive and trap the gun as quickly as possible. You don’t want to give your attacker the opportunity to pull the trigger.

Likewise, if the person is moving the gun around a lot and there’s no opportunity for you to trap it, you want to keep moving. Staying in one place too long, can give him the chance to pull the trigger.

Another scenario is having the person aim the gun straight at you. What you can do in this situation is distract him by talking so he can lower his guard.

When he does, grab the hand holding the gun and turn the gun so it’s aiming him directly and trap it towards his body.

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