How to Defend Yourself if you have a Knife to your Throat

Useful knife defense tips

One of the most common forms of mugging or being held hostage is when the attacker has a knife to your throat. So, this is why we’ll look into how to defend yourself if you have a knife to your throat.

This can be an extremely dangerous situation and you want to make sure that you’re very cautious.

Any wrong movements can have you severely injured so it’s of the upmost importance that if ever you’re in a situation like this, you remain calm and focused.

Check out this resource for a complete instructional video on knife defense.

Pay attention to way is said by your attacker

The most important rule in this scenario is to listen to your attacker. You need to listen to what he is telling you and be as cooperative as possible.

You don’t know what your attacker’s intentions are, therefore you don’t want to make the situation take a turn for the worst.

In most situations, the attacker usually wants something when they have a knife to your throat in a mugging situation. Whether that’s your phone, wallet, money, jewelry or any object, you have something they want.

So, just give it to him and hopefully he’ll take it and leave afterwards. No material object is worth losing your life.

Do not go to a secondary location

One important thing however is to not go with your attacker anywhere. Therefore, if he’s telling you to get in the car with him or follow him somewhere, you want to avoid that at all costs.

You don’t know what his intentions are if he gets you to a secluded area, so you want to come up with an exit strategy.

One of the best self-defense methods in a knife mugging situation is to distract the robber. You can try talking to him and see what he wants.

Maybe give him some information on what he wants. By doing this, you can make him lose focus and hopefully he will loosen his grip on your throat.

If you’re in a situation where you feel you have to act fast, there are a few ways you can defend yourself.

In some cases, you’ll need to fight back

Depending on your capabilities and your strength, you can try to trap the knife by putting your hands on your attacker’s grip. This can loosen his hold and get you out of his grip.

However, if your attacker is bigger and stronger than you and you know you don’t have the strength to trap the knife, you can try and use other methods.

Whether it’s making him lose his balance or striking him by surprise, use any self-defense technique that you’re comfortable with and that can help you in this scenario.

Click on the video, to see a live demonstration on how to defend yourself from a knife at your throat:

It’s important to mention that in a mugging situation, you need to be prepared to fight at all times if ever your attacker decides to attack you.

We hope you found these knife defense tips beneficial.

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