How to Defend Yourself from an Aggressive Person

Crucial self-defense tips against wild individuals

In this segment, you’ll learn how to defend yourself from an aggressive person. There are many scenarios in which you can encounter an aggressive individual, so it’s important to be prepared.

Whether it’s at a bar when you’re out with friends, out in the streets when you’re taking a walk or in a public place, you need to be careful.

You never know when a person can go from being verbally aggressive to out of the blue violent.

Therefore, when you see someone who is somewhat aggressive, you need to be extremely careful on how you handle the situation.

One wrong move or word can have that person becoming violent and that is something you want to avoid at all costs. These efficient and quick easy steps are perfect to help you if ever you are in a situation with an aggressive person.

Your verbal defense skills are crucial

When someone is getting really rough with you, you have to try to defuse the situation as fast as possible. You must use proven verbal defense skills, that will help you de-escalate the situation.

That said, as your dealing with the aggressive individual you’re ready to go all in at all times. Always keep in mind that if someone is coming towards you in an aggressive demeanor, you need to be prepared to strike at all times.

The importance of moving around

For starters, you want to make sure that your attacker is not trapping you into a corner where you can’t escape. Therefore, if they’re not staying put, there’s no reason why you should be. Stay active. If your attacker is walking around you, keep moving also.

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The last thing you want to do is staying immobile because this gives the person the perfect opportunity to pounce on you. So, don’t give him that opportunity. Use your feet and move. Move around and strategically place yourself in a position that will benefit you.

Keep your hands up and in front of your face where you can block any potential attacks. You want to keep a safe distance from the person but at the same time you want to show them that you are in control and that you are ready.

Don’t keep your hands down

By keeping your hands up and in front of you, not only are you blocking potential hits, but you’re also demonstrating that you are alert and aware. This will show your attacker that you don’t want a fight and that you’re not threatening them.

Although it may seem like a sign that you are surrendering and that you want peace, it’s actually a great defense mechanism.

Always stay in “code red” against an aggressive person

Be alert at all times. You never know when the person can turn from being verbally aggressive to physically violent.

So, be ready to strike the person if you need to. If you feel that the situation is starting to turn towards physical violence and that you feel threatened, be the first person to strike.

Although it can seem intimidating and scary, it’s crucial for you to always have the upper hand.

If the person is asking for you to hit them for example, you don’t want to give in to it right away because they are expecting it. You want to wait and then you hit them when they least expect it.

Catching the person out of the blue gives you a huge advantage.

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