How to Defend Yourself from a Phone Robbery

Self defense Tips against cell phone theft

With all this new technology available, many people get their hands on some costly devices. This makes robbers looking to steal phones. How do they do it? Most of the time it’s with violence. In this article, we’ll look at how to defend yourself from a phone robbery.

That said, some fights happen because the attacker wants something of you. Usually it’s something of value, such as your wallet, jewelry, car keys or cell phone.

Firstly, it’s important to re-iterate that no item is worth your life. So, whatever your attacker is asking, just give it to him in the hopes that he will leave once he gets what he wants from you.

However, there are situations where things turn out differently. In most cases of a robbery, the attacker usually has a weapon and shows it to you in order to make his threat that much more significative.

It’s a way for him to demonstrate that he’s serious and that you should just cooperate with what he’s asking.

Always be prepared and ready to fight back in a pre-emptive manner

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Okay, so back to the topic…

In a situation where your attacker has not yet pulled out his weapon but you sense that he is about to rob you, you need to be pre-emptive. You don’t want to wait for him to pull out his weapon. It’s crucial that you react right away.

That being said, take that opportunity to strike him hard and fast. The best way is to trap the arm of your attacker that’s going for the weapon so you can prevent him from reaching for it.

Timing is everything in these situations.

See how to defend yourself from a phone robbery:

As seen in the clip, you want to go pre-emptive as soon as you spot your attacker reaching for his weapon. By trapping his arm, you’re preventing him from getting his weapon and you’re putting yourself at a significant advantage.

This will also create the element of surprise as your attacker will not see it coming and be caught off guard. That’s why it’s important to be alert at all times.

Being aware of your attacker and his body movements is the most important thing you can do in self defense. It will help you defend yourself and get out of tricky situations like these.

Always be aware of your attacker’s body movements and be alert.

Take a look at a visual presentation to see how you can protect yourself from a phone robber.

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