How to Defend Yourself from a Headlock on the Ground

Ground fighting tips for self defense purposes

Being in a headlock position is not easy. Especially if you happen to be on the ground. That said, let’s look at how to defend yourself from a headlock on the ground.

Indeed, defending yourself from this position can be extremely tiring as you end up using most of your energy to get out of this position.

While it’s not the best position you want to find yourself under, it’s important to not panic and stay calm.

The more you panic, the more you end up using your energy and that’s where you can get yourself severely injured. It’s important to stay focused and find an opportunity to escape this position so you can defeat your opponent.

The first thing to remember is that you need to act fast

You don’t want your attacker gaining the upper hand in this scenario. Therefore, you need to know what your next move will be and act fast.

One great self-defense technique against a headlock on the ground is to stick yourself to your opponent and try to block his arm. By doing so, you’re making it that much more difficult for him to punch you.

Once you’re able to block his arm, move your body so it’s in alignment with his and put pressure near his neck. You can then pull him backwards, so you can be the one that’s above.

From there, you can put your weight on him and find several ways to strike him.

Keep striking until the threat is over

Some great self-defense techniques here would be to strike the head, eye-gouge his eyes, slam his head towards the floor or even launch elbow strikes.

The goal is to strike your assailant with as much force and impact, so you can put him at a disadvantage and escape the situation as quickly as possible.

Make sure to see our video on how to defend yourself from a headlock on the ground, to see an example on the best ways to protect yourself in this scenario:

We hope these self-defense tips were useful. For more videos on how you can defend yourself effectively against all sorts of attacks, check out these official self defense videos.

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