How to Defend Yourself Against Wild Punches

To be able to fight back your attacker, you need to practice often. Your blocking techniques might not be done properly, but that’s okay. As long as you try to block punches as much as you can and keep striking back your attacker, you’re on the right path.

Truth is, there’s no real method on how to protect yourself against wild punches. The only rule about fighting back is fighting with a purpose. Therefore, your main and only purpose should be to fight off your attacker if you feel in danger.

That means that all your punches should be directed and targeted towards them. Fighting with an impact and with the intention of striking your attacker should be your main and only focus if you feel that your life is being threatened.

In such a situation, if you’re able to throw the first punch in, then you’re at an advantage. Also, you want to make sure to position your arms strategically to protect yourself from any punches. You always want to be alert and ready to attack.

No matter how you are going at it, you need to keep fighting. That means throwing in as many strikes you can towards your attacker to weaken them. Put your weight and force behind each punch and target them towards your attacker.

Whether it’s by using palm strikes, elbows, knees or any other blows, you need to be ready to attack and defend yourself. It’s the only way you stand a chance at protecting yourself against your attacker.

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