How to Defend Yourself Against a Tackle

When you’re in a situation where your opponent is ready to tackle you, you need to think fast. The last thing you want is to end up on the ground and having your attacker throw punches at you repeatedly causing serious injury.

In any fight, you want to avoid defeating your opponent on the floor as it’s often harder to protect yourself, especially if your attacker is much bigger and stronger then you. That’s why when you sense you’re about to be tackled to the floor, you want to think quick and fast on how you can avoid it. Depending on the situation and how your opponent comes at you, there is more than one way for you to block your attacker from tackling you.

For starters, if your opponent grabs only one of your legs, your chances of getting away and defeating him are higher. However, it’s crucial that you start to fight back as soon as he grabs you so you can avoid ending up on the ground.

If your opponent gets you on the ground, then you have almost no chance of getting away. The best way to defend yourself if your attacker grabs you by one of your legs is to immediately make a move to grab their head and twist. This will make them lose balance and give you a better chance to get away.

Make sure to focus on keeping your balance so you don’t end up on the floor. By lowering your center of gravity and spreading your legs, you can keep your balance easier as you grab your opponent’s neck and try to twist it as hard as you can.

Unfortunately, if your attacker goes to grab both of your legs, your chances of getting away are much harder. However, you can still try to neck crank your opponent or hit them in the eye as they try to put you down on the floor.

You shouldn’t go down without a fight so keep striking and hitting your opponent as hard as you can by putting as much force and strength behind each strike. If you do end up on the floor, keep attacking your opponent as much as you can. By repeatedly striking your opponent, you might be able to cause enough damage for you to get away.

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