How to Defend Yourself Against a Street Headlock

Being in a headlock position during a fight can seem like an impossible situation to get away from.

However, with the right self-defence technique, you can find a way out of this tricky situation. That’s why we always emphasize on the importance of learning different self-defence skills. You never know when they might come in handy and save your life.

The first thing to remember if ever you are in a headlock situation is to tuck in your head. In doing so, you are protecting your facial area from any blows your attacker could be aiming towards you.

Any hits to your face can cause severe injuries, therefore, it’s important to want to protect it as much as possible.

Additionally, your frontal bone is very strong and rigid. Therefore, if your attacker is repeatedly striking your head, he might actually cause more injury to himself then to you. It’s been noted that many people have actually broken their knuckles by hitting the head.

Another great self-defense technique against a headlock is to try and block your opponent’s elbow by trapping it to his body. By doing so, you are limiting your attacker’s ability to hit you and you can deliver your own blows.

Here’s a demonstration of how to defend yourself against a street headlock:

You want to try and aim your attacker’s face as much as possible since it’s the most sensitive area and it can also cause him to get distracted.

The goal here is to distract him as much as possible so that he can loosen his hold on you, making it easy for you to escape the headlock position and giving you a better chance to defend yourself.

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