How to Defeat a Much Larger Attacker

A Critical Component of Self Defense

When learning how to defend yourself, you enter a process that carries many different components. You learn about verbal defense, awareness, footwork principles, fighting stances, improvised weapons and much more. That said, in this article, we’ll look at how to defeat a much larger attacker.

It’s not rare to see a bigger attacker trying to fight a smaller person. Attackers tend to go for smaller victims, since they know that their chances of defeating them are slim.

Therefore, they will often go for someone that is significantly smaller than them, whether that’s in height or weight.

This is why it’s so important to learn how to defend yourself against a larger attacker.

Remember, just like your goal is to defeat your attacker so you can escape the situation with as little to no injuries, your attackers’ goal is the same.

He wants to defeat you so that he can achieve his goal. And that is whether it’s to take your valued possessions or to simply prove a point.

Consequently, when you’re faced with a larger attacker, which is bound to be the case in many self-defense situations, you need to find a way to outsmart him. The best way to defeat an attacker is by catching him off guard by striking first.

If the fight is on, you’ll have to revert to all your self defense skills to fight him off.

Watch How to Defeat a Larger Attacker

The element of surprise is a great self-defense technique as your opponent will not have time to react and will be caught off guard. There are many great techniques you can use without alarming your opponent.

Whether it’s an open palm strike, an elbow strike or a hammer fist, these are all effective self-defense techniques that can help you when faced with a larger attacker.

Make sure to practice these different self defense moves to further develop your technique and timing, that way you’re ready for any type of attack you come across.

Remember, it’s always best to be prepared and you shouldn’t wait until you’re in a situation where you have to defend yourself to practice your technique.

We hope you found these self-defense tips against fighting a larger attacker useful. For more videos on self-defense, make sure to add this blog in your favorites.

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