How to Block Punches for Self Defense

Discover effective ways to protect yourself from getting hit

When you’re in a fight, you’re bound to get a few punches thrown at you. Being able to defend yourself from them and block the punches coming in is crucial. With that said, here’s how to block punches for self-defense.

Our video on how to block punches teaches you all the basics on how you can block punches in a street fight. This is crucial when it comes to self defense and being able to protect yourself.

But, what’s really important is to always go pre-emptive. You want to be the first one throwing in the punch.

If you’re not the first one punching, you need to be ready to block your attacker’s punches. This is where being alert and aware of your opponent’s body movements comes in.

To be able to block your attacker’s punches, you need to be aware of his movements and body language. You can tell a lot about a person’s intention through their body language.

For example, if they take a step back, it usually means that they’re getting ready to throw in a punch.

Watch how to how to block punches for self-defense:

The first thing you want to do when it comes to blocking a punch is bringing up your hands to protect your center-line.

This is called a personal shield. That being said, having your hands up at all times in a fight is crucial. You’re already in position to block incoming hits.

The moment your attacker goes to strike you, you want to extend your arms and take a step towards them to block the punch. Having your arms open in a 90-degree angle makes you ready to counter strike immediately.

Moreover, the moment that you step in, you want to trap your attacker and strike them immediately to put an end to any danger.

When you practice these self-defense techniques with your training partner you work on your timing skills. Regular practice sessions combined with sparring, will make you a specialist at blocking punches.

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