Home Invasion Self Defense Tips

Self defense tips when you’re at home

In this article, we’ll look at home invasion self defense tips.

Home invasions, although rare, do happen. It’s one of the most terrifying scenarios that you can find yourself in since the attack is taking place inside a place you consider safe.

When home invasions occur, it’s usually because the intruder was able to find a way inside. Whether it’s by forcing their way in or by coming in through a door that was unlocked.

Therefore, it’s crucial for you to always ensure that all doors are locked at all times to avoid situations like this from happening. By making sure that your doors are always locked, you’re making it that much more difficult for an intruder to come in.

And while many people often assume that they live in a safe neighborhood where home invasions never happen, it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily the case.

No matter what neighborhood you live in, whether it’s a safe residential area in the suburbs or in a busy downtown complex, you should always ensure that all your doors are secured at all times.

While it’s completely normal to feel an adrenaline rush during a home invasion situation, the important thing to remember is to try and stay calm.

Discover back door home invasion self defense tips

If you see someone knocking on your door that looks suspicious and that you don’t recognize, don’t open the door. Make sure it’s locked and if you feel alarmed, don’t hesitate in calling the cops immediately.

In a situation where your door is unlocked, and you see the person opening the door and attempting to come in, block them right away. You can do so by using your weight on the door and trying to push the door closed.

Another way is to also avoid them from entering by striking their face or body. Some very effective strikes you can use in this situation are self defense kicks, body punches and solid palm strikes.

Try combining all these different types of strikes for maximum impact.

To see our video on what to do during a back-door home invasion, press play just below:

Don’t forget, your goal is to avoid the person from entering your home or terminate the threat. The intruder will act fast and try to enter your home rather quickly. It’s therefore crucial for you to act equally as fast. Stay alert and be proactive.

The moment you notice someone strange is at your front door and you feel alarmed, make sure the door is locked and have your phone in hand to call the police.

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