Hammer Fist Strike for Self Defense

How to deliver solid hammer fist strikes

There are several instances where you’ll need to strike someone to stay safe. For example, if you’re fearing for your life, you need to terminate the threat quickly by striking an opponent. In this article, we’ll specifically look at the hammer fist strike for self defense.

Firstly, when you want to strike your opponent, an important thing to always keep in mind is your timing. You don’t want to give your attacker the opportunity to see you strike so that they can avoid getting hit.

Your position and timing are among the basic aspects to learn when it comes to personal protection. This goes without saying when you want to do a hammer fist.

Imagine if you’re facing your opponent and all of a sudden you see him take a step back and raise his arm towards you.

What would be your initial reaction? Either to duck, flinch, or block their strike and therefore causing minimum injury.

Therefore, this is the same when roles are reversed and you’re the one going in for the strike.

That being said, the best position to be in when you want to do a hammer fist is with your arms crossed across your chest and one hand under your chin.

This is the best position as your opponent will not see it coming and therefore, they won’t have time to react.

Live demo on how to do a hammer fist strike for self defense:

In fact, this position is probably one of the best and most efficient positions to be in when it comes to any self-defense technique.

It’s a great starting point because it gives you that natural stance and you can pretty much do any self-defense move from this position. You can do a palm strike, elbow strike and hammer fist all from this position.

One of the best ways to practice the hammer fist is by training with the Bob Dummy (Ad). This will help you develop your timing, agility, speed and strength.

The Bob Dummy is a great training partner since you can test your strength on it without the fear of injuring your partner.

Make sure to check out our video to see how to deliver solid hammer fist strikes.

You’ll see a live demonstration of how to use this useful strike.

For more training tips with the Bob Dummy, you can always see our article on how to practice self defense on the bob dummy.

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